Company Profile

Tyon Industrial International Limited is one of the region’s leading suppliers of environmental and composite materials for Construction Items such as gratings, manhole covers and frames…etc.

The commitment to quality and service that started in 2004 is still the driving force behind Tyon.  Our mission is to meet the requirements of our customers through the process of continuous improvement.

Tyon has been registered as a Hong Kong Housing Authority supplier as well as on Supplier List in Hong Kong Government Logistics Department.  Our current clients are all over different provinces in China and Macau, Hong Kong such as HKMTR, Environmental Protection Department, Highways Department, Housing Society, Housing Authority, ASD, DSD and many registered contractors of local and oversea.

Most of our products have also undergone tests performed by HKAS accredited laboratories under HOKLAS and also our products are certified as being environmentally preferable and in accordance with relevant environmental criteria set by Environmental Campaign Committee, we are entitled to use Productwi$e Label on the in relation to the products.

Your careful selection of materials can help to save Our Earth.  Using our material products in building constructions is very effective way of conserving our environment because its can be 100% recycled after its product life.

With the support of our staff, we strive for continuous improvement in our work and serve you better.

1st January 2020