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Green and Eco-friendly

About Tyon

Environmental protection and CSR have become a major concern of the global industrial and commercial organizations. We share our products on how we implement of CSR and green supply chain management help to improve our corporate image and competitiveness.

Tyon Industrial International Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of various kind of industrial products since 2004. Product includes manhole covers, water meter, tank covers, tree frame and cables holders valve boxes.

Our Products

The main materials in producing the manhole cover and frame are recycled fiberglass and ceramics. Those selected recycle material were modified by patent production process, impregnated with good quality resin & in-filled material.

We design these products to consume million tons of used glass and ceramics.

We act as a Green Manufacturer !

Our Customers

Certifications & Awards

Manufactured from recycle composite, which has fulfilled the requirements for the "Class of Good" productwi$e label by ECC and accredited by Green Council with Green Label mark.

The preservation of the local environment is humankind's greatest common venture, and this is our major management goals.